Forsa Academy is founded by Jessyca Pompier and Mick Schmit, who is also owner of the Forsa Method®



The vision of Forsa Academy is “That Forsa Life”.
The idea behind “That Forsa Life” is to showcase what a strong mindset, self-confidence,
perseverance, and a can-do attitude, combined with a strong support system can help to achieve your goals.
It doesn’t matter whether the current goal is small, or you want to perform at the highest level that
you are capable of.
“If you stay focused on your goals you can achieve anything.”
We show this in our Coaching and Running Therapy, Forsa Method®, Sport/Culture
Events and in “That Forsa Life”.

“That Forsa Life” is being outside, movement is medicine, never give -up, and being a little better each day.



We spend a huge amount of time looking for organizations and companies, with the same “That Forsa Life” mindset.
Working together with companies where we believe in and we know will last, will give real possibilities back.

For more information:
or Call: (+599) 770-5776