Personal Coaching

Jessyca coaches and empowers women and youngsters when they are at a loss in life, for example in cases of a burn-out, lack of trust, motivation, victim of domestic violence, shame, guilty feelings, depression, and fear. These obstacles influence their optimal function inside their private life and work, despite their good characteristics and qualities.

To give these woman and youngsters the opportunity to use their strength, several things are very important. It is not only important to gain insight into your own shortcomings, but also to realize where they are coming from. It may well be that certain environmental factors have a negative influence on the functioning of you as a person.
For this reason, it is necessary to look beyond the visible behavior. It will be necessary to look at the underlying problem that is often the driving force behind the behavior shown.

Take the new step

Jessyca knows from experience how important trust is, and how difficult it is to take that first step and seek help. They are afraid to take new steps or if they just want to talk and need a helping hand. She helps them to break patterns and teaches them how to pick themselves up after having experienced for example domestic violence. The conversations are individual and in full confidence. The needs of the individual are determined together with the individual. During the process, coaching conversations and role plays take place that meet the needs. With her expert experience she helps individuals to get the best quality out of life again and enable them to make new decisions. Jessyca inspires and lift them up to stand firm in life again, to have fun and to enjoy the now. As a result, a change process takes place, and they can master the techniques they have learned. The result of this is that intrinsic motivation arises to work on new goals.

These sessions lead to the following results


Based on an intake interview, the individual objectives are discussed, and a suitable program is tailored to actively get started. During the intake, the application form is completed. Then the journey starts. An evaluation will take place in mutual consultation during the process.

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