Meet Jessyca Pompier and Mick Schmit

Jessyca Pompier

Coach/Experience Expert

Jessyca Pompier was born in Aruba. After living her first years as a child and teenager on the island, she lived alternately on St. Eustatius, Saba, St. Maarten, Curaçao and in the Netherlands. She has been living and working on Bonaire for several years now.

As an intermediary and experience expert with Caribbean roots, Jessyca Pompier is able to make the socio-cultural translation. The different phases she has experienced in her life have made her the versatile practitioner she is today. From her own experiences she can provide tools and inspire others.

Among other things, she specializes in guiding and supporting women to (again) be resilient in life. In addition, she also offers contextual family counseling where she has an eye for the entire family. Just as no individual is the same and has the same needs, the guidance is also adapted to the support demand that the person has. Together with the individual and/or the family, we look at what support needs there are and on that basis a trajectory is drawn up.

Mick Schmit

Physical and Mental Coach/Trainer Forsa Method

Mick Schmit is the founder and former director of the Project foundation. Stichting Project is a residential institution for young people with behavioral problems. He received the Appeltje van Oranje and Janusz Korzack Price. Mick has a lot of experience working with the local population from the Caribbean.
He is the developer of the Forsa Method®. This is a method that has been specially developed for people with attachment problems.

In addition to his professional activities, Mick is an old commando, passionate runner and running therapist. He uses all these qualities and experience that he has gained during his career during the process and the applied methodologies. For example, the physical and mental exercises are an important part of the process. This brings many benefits, such as: learning to push boundaries, increasing self-confidence with successful experiences, improving fitness and getting a (more) positive self-image.

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